Honey wrap with coconut – seftens the skin, gives skin a heathy body substances that promote blood circulation, cleansing breath and loose skin and also help the body from the inside – detoxity. Honey wrap is suitable for thein effects comline with anti-cellulite program. Leaves skin soft, smooth, fragrant.


A) Peeling soft natural brust, washing the body with coconut milk

B) Warming the skin with lava stones

C) Applying a hot honey whole- body

D) Warm honey wrap – the client is wrapped in hot towels, wrapped in foil and heated lava stones- at this time is made

E) Facial massage with coconut oil organic quality massage of the scalp

After relaxing a klient take a shower and gently massage your body with coconut oil. The result is a beautiful, soft, fragrant skin of honey and coconut. LUXURY TREATMENT, AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

Vanilla dream – already Aztec Indians in Mexico used „vanilla“ as a spice and medicine! This massage is great for relaxation of the mind, to warm up the body and skin regeneration. Massage consists of peel, vanilla and sea salt – it gently removes dead skin cells, tones, oves a feeling of relaxation, peace and deep relaxation. After showering klient comes the vanilla massage oil – it has a positive effect on the heart, the heart, removes fatigue and optimistieally. The body is surround with warm lava stones that the klient lost and finaly apply a vanilla body cream that softem the skin, stimulans mental aktivity and fragrance soothes.

DOLCE VITA – it is a combination relaxing aromatherapy massages and special massage with hot towels. During the aroma massage into the skin gently massaged essential oils that help the skin blood supply, improve the flow of the lymphatic system and benefit the overall regeneration. Massage, hot towels due to the heat helps relieve muscle tension and release toxic substances, which leads to their elimination. This combination of both massage is a very effective way to relieve some stress from outside influences, relieve fatigue and restore mental well-being. Contraindications: infectious or acute inflammatory disease, varicose veins, bleeding in the skin, fever.

Aphrodite massage – it´s a massage from Greece. First, it is done with a dry brush massage all over the body that helps stimulate blood circulation, open pores and remove old skin, then the full body Leeds a mixhare of whippet cream, honey and rose oil. Client clouds in plastic, covered with a sheet and blanket. During the rest in a pack, which lasts 20 minutes, doing feacial massage with special oil hairr picces without oil. Subsequently the klient expends and ges massage with warm coconut oil. The skin remains supple after the massage, soft and fragrant, while releasing the muscles, wrm up the lymphatic systém.