Anna Babičková:

I attend massage for 14 years, my job fulfills me and I in her happy. I like to help people from pain, both physical and mental. Does it work as well as my hobby and it’s wonderful to explore how the whole body, as well as new people and their lives. I am pleased to see that my work is meaningful.

Aromatherapy massage – full body massage with natural essential oil, which helps to relax the mind.

Herbal pouch
a) ginger – full body massage seal filled with fresh ginger, using warm ginger oil and heated lava stones (the seal is first heated by a water bath, then it is ready for a massage), finally implementing a gentle massage of the face and scalp, is that a warming massage that relaxes, improves blood circulation and cleanses the body.

b) herb sea salt – full body massage seal filled with dried herbs (thyme, rosemary, marjoram) and sea salt using warm herbal oil and heated lava stones (the seal is initially heated-water bath, then it is ready to massage) at the end is performed gentle massage of the face and scalp, it’s relaxing, purifying and soothing massage.

Himalayan massage – this massage the whole body is a bit ráznějšího style, where the masseur uses a mixture of fragrant oil, salt from the Dead Sea and the main ingredient of “Himalayan salt”, which helps blood circulation in skin and muscles, supplementing minerals. It is also a very deep detoxification, thus also stir the lymphatic system.

Anti-stress massage – for the whole body massage with aromatic Elea, which is different for each client proceeds to strengthen the flow of life energy with elements of acupressure therapy, which brings harmonization of energy in the body. Performed with warm oil with essential additive. It’s subtle, very pleasant and popular massage.

Hot Stones – it’s a hot stones massage with hot oil in combination with a manual soft massage the whole body including the head, heat stones improves circulation, digestion, reduces spasms and pain, softens tissue, supports immune and lymphatic system, a great release and warming,wonderful experience.

Relaxing head massage – it’s a very nice massage, relaxing, relaxing and suitable for people who work all day with the computer or have a high psychological stress at work is massaged chest, neck, face, hair pieces, arms and hands.

Classical full body massage – full body massage, the process – from the front of the lower extremity, upper extremity set, chest, legs, behind, buttocks, back and neck.

Partial massage – buttocks, back, neck.

Honey massage – Detox – massage is done with warm honey, which is in three consecutive phases slowly massaged into the skin. Then the client is resting in a warm poultice of heated lava stones and meanwhile doing massage hair pieces. It is deeply detoxifying massage.

Acupressure foot massage – very pleasant massage where promasírovávají various acupressure points.

Shiatsu massage   Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing method. Translated, it means “finger pressure”. In this massage using thumbs, fingers, hands, knees, elbows or feet to put pressure on the relevant points on the body, thereby restored the energy balance of the body. The result is a physical and mental well-being, unity of body, mind and soul, harmonious energy flow in the body.Removes and relieves pain in various parts of the body.
Lymphatic massage – helps to cleanse the body, boost immunity, helping to alleviate muscle fatigue, cellulite process and it is also a prevention against cancer. It is also appropriate assistance from tired and swollen legs, relieves headaches and muscle tension caused by stress. This massage uses a special cream enriched with minerals.

Lymphatic massage of the face and neck – face reflects our moods and emotions. Stress and tension can have a devastating impact our appearance, muscles tense, causing hard. This massage releases tension and expression softens. Muscle tissue in the face weakens with age, around the mouth, eyes and forehead appear fine wrinkles. It’s a very gentle massage technique, a special method that effectively acts on the face, it smoothes, detoxifies and restores the proper flow of lymph. Thanks to the removal of toxic substances from the face and neck leads to soften and improve skin. Client perceives this method very well, not only due to cosmetic effects, but also thanks to exposure to nerve endings (a stress effects), the client feels refreshed and relaxed. The massage helps delay the aging process, because it improves blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

Anti-cellulite massage – there masseur performs hand massage, which focuses on blood flow and oxygenation of muscles using warm oils and Himalayan salt fortified with valuable minerals that are absorbed into the body through the skin. It is a procedure that helps the body to eliminate neutralized acid accumulated in problematic areas. After reaching the muscles warm up followed by a pack of hot lava stones and crystals. The aim is to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system. The number of different procedures depending on the degree of expression of cellulite.But I recommend treating the whole body, because the lymphatic system is weaved from the lower extremities to the head. It is recommended that the change in diet and drinking habits.

THAI MASSAGE – Thai massage works with the body, he uses elements from kupresury and yoga, so it is sometimes called “yoga massage” or “Yoga for lazy”. , Without using any violent handling.Thai massage is a therapeutic technique, which is based cleansing and harmonization of energy tracks and their blocks. In the body are liable pathways through which the life force (energy). If there is a reason nějkého free flow of energy is broken, there is an imbalance and this is reflected in the form of illness or any mental problems. Thai massage is a wonderful interconnection thorough training of the musculoskeletal system, muscle stretching and activation energy lines and points. In the body we have 72,000 energy channels, but with a Thai massage masseur works with the 10 most important, they sit on the acupressure points and masseur is the most important and most difficult of these pathways and locate correctly sense. Thai massage their action contributes to the physical, mental and spiritual balance. Doing northern Thai style massage (Wat Pho), which is quieter, has a slow pace and most importantly the processing of energy pathways.

Thai foot massage – has a long tradition of approximately 3,000 years old and is based on an ancient Chinese foot massage. Its roots but also in Ayurveda. Based on the teachings of the body’s energy pathways. These tracks are the linchpin between the feet and the individual body parts and any authorities. Our feet are the exact reflection of our body is on them more than 7,000 nerve endings. Massage is a relaxing combination of techniques, acupressure, stretching, releasing tension in the joints and loosening stiff muscles calf. During the massage to stimulate reflex points on the foot, which has a number of positive effects on the organism, to stimulate the activity of internal organs, improve vascular and lymphatic circulation. Performed by foot to just above the knees – thumbs, palms, fingers, knuckles, or even a wooden peg, using a special Thai oil and cream.After a massage followed by a feeling of relaxation, lightness, the client not only gets rid of fatigue and pain in the legs, but also relieves varicose veins or headaches.